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Get All The Details on DoveCity's Trip to Minneapolis
Read the review below from 2001. Click on the logo below to view Celebration Pictures more. For those planning to attend Celebration 2003, scroll down for event and travel information.

Celebration 2003 Event and Travel Information

Thursday, June 19 - Sunday, June 22
Paisley Park, Chanhassen, Minnesota
Events morning, noon and night
More Info. Coming Soon.

Points of Interests:
Mall of America (shopping mall plus and indoor amusement park and underwater world)
First Avenue NightClub, Glam Slam, Uptown, Calhoun Square
Minnesota Children's Museum
Valleyfair Amusement Park
Indian Reservation Casinos
For all those non-members of the NPGMC. Now is a great time to join. The benefits have proven beneficial.


Celebration 2001 Review
Greetings Fams! - I've been asked to give a report of last year's events at Celebration: The Rainbow Children.
There was so much for us to do; daily-events were planned that kept us busy by day & partying until we were literally sore by nightfall! First, we were welcomed into the beautiful, astetically pleasing, snow white building that most of us only get the opportunity to see in videos - Paisley Park! Fams wondered freely throughout the building; from the bright colored art deco furniture, to the beautiful "message" carpet upstairs, to the award laden walls, and varing moody recording studio rooms that included a 1/2 court indoor b-ball area; to the relaxing entertainment/game room, & the funky "glow-in-the dark" room that's got the sexiest blacklite i've ever seen.... The Park is a literal attention deficit's dream! Perhap's that's why i so love it!!!! Bumping into Larry Graham, his beautiful wife, & Prince's doves Majesty & Divinity, wasn't bad either!! Now for the real...

- At dusk, Prince treated early-bird's to a mini concert the very first day! It was unannounced & in the Parks' huge multi-purpose type room where all performances are held! (Damn, I wish I had that boom in my trunk!!!)
Monday night AMEL LARRIEUX performed lots of mellowy funk from her recent album, infinite possibilities! She came, despite her sinus trouble, and blew the roof off a hypnotized Paisley Park !! The beautiful songbird covered such songs as Get Up, I n I , Sweet Misery , Searchin' 4 My Soul, Even If, Down, her title cut & even invited some1 2 duet with her on Make Me Whole- the song she penned for husband & manager Laru ! Plus we participated in a sexy Purple Masquerade Ball !Tuesday- THE TIME- Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Morris Day, & Jerome all took us back with songs like Get It Up, The Stick, Cool, Jerk Out, Fishnet, Oak Tree, 777-9311, Gigolos Get Lonely 2 & so much mo' !! It was 2 much ! Their energy is just as it was back in the 80's !!!!!!!!! Every1 get's pulled on stage- LITERALLY! :) And to top it off, a new group - THE FONKY BALDHEADS preceeded - their high energy antics & truth filled lyrics kept us jammin'!Wednesday- My sistah ERYKAH BADU rocked 'da house with plenty a cut from her latest- Mama's Gun ! U know she took control of the crowd with Penitentiary Philosophy, & everybody there sang along with Didn't Cha Know, My Life, ...& On, laughed out loud to, Cleva, Booty... and so very much mo' ! Erykah even got away with using a few spicy words or 2! (Profanity is highly prohibited in da' Park) So many songs seemed to represent such an emotional outpouring 4 both the Erykah & the listener as well, Simply put- She turned it out !!Thursday night COMMON (with Erykah Badu) & the then unknown ALICIA KEYS slammed us with their latest! Common actually freestyled about Celebration, and casually walked around signing autographs and sharin' luv ! As did all artists! Alicia performed until dawn covering a few songs from her Song's in A Minor album. Her cover of How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore- received many a head bob! (I wonder how much that celly was :) )Both Friday & Saturday Prince & The NPG performed @ the Xcel Energy Center; followed by the Afterparty @ The Park @ Midnight! All that can be said about these nites is NO STONE WAS UNTURNED !! Prince played songs even I prayed he'd play - Anna Stesia, Little Red Corvette, Delirious, D.M.S.R., Free, I Could Never Take The Place..., Diamonds & Pearls & SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know how funky 'dem concerts be!!
Sunday nite - NIKKA COSTA performed hits from her latest cd, while Parkers' grooved 1 last night B4 the regrettable trip home.- Other highlights include Thursday through Sunday's daily movies; Under The Cherry Moon, Sign O' The Times, Purple Rain, & Graffiti Bridge!

I think I touched on pretty much everything- if i left anything out - feel free 2 add in--
The FAM BBQ was so important to the entire event. Fams from all over the globe united in a public park seconds away from Paisley Park. We brought our own food to throw on the grill, listened to Prince music, took pictures, and shared stories. I truly enjoyed myself, met 2 incredible Chicagoians & loads of others spanning the globe- France, Minn., Tokyo, Italy, Madrid, & On & on.... I pray that I'll C your smiling, positive faces yet again at this year's big event!!!
Let's make this year's Celebration the hottest evah -- Let's represent the ATL in style !!!!
Peace & Positivity Fams !!!!!!!- Cerrita